Puleo Farm Business

For the Puleo Farm Business, the care of every single detail is the rule and that is why methods that were passed down over the centuries are combined with state-of-the-art technologies.

The vineyards are monitored by extremely experienced agronomists during all grape’s maturing phases to determine the right time for harvest.

The grape, which gets strictly selected, is harvested manually and immediately transported to the cellar afterwards.

The wines are obtained through eno-technological processes entrusted to the wise treatments of the enologist Davide Puleo and represent the synthesis of traditional culture, assiduous experimentation and research.

Puleo Farm Business

We work hard to produce fine wines able to enrich taste and soul.


More than a hundred years ago, we cultivated our vineyards in the Maragani district and now as then, the most popular varieties in the farm were Catarratto, Black Avola, Moscato and Grillo. The excellent wine produced was then mostly sold in the area and in the neighboring provinces.

Davide Puleo, following his family’s legacy, decided to employ the oenologist experience he matured in years of work and dedication to wine and vineyards, restoring the company and carrying on the work of rejuvenating vineyards while taking care of the winery started by his father. The farm in the Maragani contrada in Sciacca agro today extends for about 50 hectares.


Thanks to the diligence and commitment of the local producers to continually improve the quality of their grapes, that we were able to select the best native and international cultivars such as Chardonnay, Grillo, Inzolia, Catarratto and Moscato for whites, Avola, Nerello Cappuccio and Syrah for the Reds.

The love we feel for our homeland, coupled with a centurial heritage, is what leads us to a continuous improvement. Our goal is making sure we offer high quality products capable of combining innovation with the respect of the most genuine rural tradition.

The old: “La vecchia ‘un voli jocu: voli pani, vinu e focu”.